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Irish College of Scenar

The Irish College of Scenar and the Scenar Practitioners Society of Ireland  has a shared vision that  there will be qualified Scenar Therapists in every major population centre throughout Ireland.


The Irish College of Scenar (ICS), under the supervision of John Garvey, teaches a range of training courses in Scenar Therapy from beginners to advanced; and to independent & professional standards under contract to the Scenar Practitioner’s Society of Ireland (SPSI). Both organisations are affiliated internationally.
The ICS is the only Scenar College in Ireland.





It is the objective of the ICS to train prospective Scenar therapists to the highest national and international professional standards available in order to: 

Ensure that the client is receiving professional treatment from a qualified therapist.

Meet all our obligations at a National and European level in regard to the standard and quality of all our Training Programmes.





The Scenar Practitioners Society of Ireland (SPSI)
The Scenar Practitioners Society of Ireland (SPSI) was created in 2000 by John Garvey to regulate Scenar Therapy in Ireland and to ensure the highest standards of practice and ethics to benefit the public, the clients and Scenar therapists. Scenar was created over 25 years ago in Russia and has been developing ever since then. The SPSI is the first National Scenar organisation to be founded outside of Russia. The SPSI is the National Scenar "Umbrella" organisation and the regulatory authority for Ireland and has its own Constitution and Code of Ethics as well as its own Accreditation and Standards Sub-Committee. The SPSI is open to all, whether from medical, complementary/alternative or Holistic backgrounds.


The Scenar Practitioners Society of Ireland (SPSI)

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